On the basis of over ten years of experience in the line
of clinical trials, we offer professional and complete services in the scope of

clinical projects phase II-IV coordination including:

    verification of correctness and completeness of study documentation including guidelines of local law regulations

  selection and evaluation of potential study sites

  preparation and submission of study documentation to Ethics Committee and Central Register of Clinical Trials

  preparation and training of sites before project initiation

  coordination of cooperation of institutions engaged in the project

  regular monitoring of study sites with particular stress placed on:regular monitoring of study sites with particular stress placed on:

- consistency of patient inclusion criteria to project
- reliable verification of source data and its conformity with entries in Case Report Forms
- cooperation in serious adverse events reporting
- supervision over an investigational product
- supervision over all institutions additionally involved
in the project

  checking of archived documents

  drug accountability and authorized destruction
of unused medication

  site close-outs

offer concerns Poland, Ukraine, Czech and Slovakia

Deklaracja profesjonalizmu i rzetelności badań klinicznych Moni-Care