Dear Sir/Madam,

Poland and neighbouring states of former Eastern Bloc constitute an interesting and a fast-developing clinical research market, engaging more and more new researchers and medical support staff.

The Investigators and all the members of research teams, who decide to take part in clinical projects, are with no exception obliged to obey GCP rules and various international and local regulations.

Current standards recommend (and soon will require) possession of independent of Sponsor, professional certificate confirming a minimum one-day training in GCP and in applicable regulations and completed with a test and certification.

In anticipation of these requirements MC company offers trainings in GCP guidelines that additionally cover applicable laws and regulations in force. The training will also include familiarizing the participants with the history and definitions of clinical and pre-clinical studies.

The training will highlight the correct conduct of the patients’ recruitment process including the procedure of obtaining the Patient’s Written Informed Consent, as well as all the aspects of the safety Investigational Product application, adverse event reporting and accuracy and consistency of recording the data using source documentation and CRFs.

The above mentioned topics will be presented and illustrated using real-life cases, taken from our lecturers’ 10 years’ experience in the field of clinical research. The participants will not only listen and watch the presentations. They will be able to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice in the course of a series of different exercises.

The objective of the training offered is to professionally prepare the Investigators and support staff for conducting clinical projects efficiently and according to all the applicable requirements. As a result, the documentation created in a research centre by the trained personnel will be of better quality, therefore the cooperation during monitoring visits will be more efficient. Thus, last but not least, the team coordinating the project will be able to achieve higher effectiveness.

Keeping in mind that most of Investigators have a limited availability and can only dedicate a little time to trainings, our company offers delivering trainings at the research centre. It enables the participants to save time otherwise dedicated to commuting, and decreases the cost of transportation.

The trainings can be given in English and they can take place in any of Poland’s neighbouring countries.

It would be great to have a possibility cooperating with you. My contact details:, phone +48 509 45 40 78.